You spend the majority of your wedding day working side-by-side with your photographer so it's absolute VITAL that you vibe with each other. Please allow me to introduce myself. 


I would say my photography started out using a compact red Nikon camera in Barcelona, 2009. Capturing images of the beach and sunsets using automatic settings and hoping for the best. My career as a professional started out a LONG time after that! I'd say I've been a professional for roughly 10 years now. Photographing hundreds of weddings, dealing with thousands of people, perfecting my craft, learning new programs, trialing out several different cameras and lenses, reading magazines, studying books, and listening and taking in hundreds of YouTube videos. 

I studied art & photography at University and I quickly gave up on making clay sculptures and painting and started to utilize my photography knowledge to create art. I had no idea this would ever lead to wedding photography but here we are. I have found my calling. I can't help but wish I started a lot sooner but I grateful for being able to do something I absolutely adore and after all this time? Am still passionate about, if not MORE passionate about than when I started out. I want it now more than ever, and if you decide to go with me as your photographer, you'll see exactly that! 


The Hundred House Hotel, Telford. The Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern. Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa, Chester. 

Things I tell EVERY wedding party!

My job is too put you at ease and ensure that you enjoy your wedding day to the absolute fullest! People are often worried about the camera being in their face all day but there is no need to! Allow me to explain why...

"ANY unflattering images will be deleted and they'll never see the light of day"

"Natural" images are becoming more and more popular thesedays so people request them all of the time. With natural or documentary style images you're constantly trying to capture people off-guard which can lead to double chins, unflattering facial expressions, etc. It is my job to ensure you and your wedding party look your absolute best so I will not deliver any images where you don't look and feel AMAZING.  

"I am here for YOU."

A lot of photographers will drag you away from your wedding party for a LONG time in order to capture what THEY need for THEIR portfolio, not me. If you're bored after 10 minutes of couple photos? So be it. You want a photo with your Vicar? No sweat. Your wedding itinary isn't running EXACTLY to plan so images have to be delayed? You do you!  

"Let me show you!"

Concerned about the way your hair looks? Your posing feels awkward? Let me show you! I will show couples the image from the back of my camera REGULARLY to ensure they are happy and to put their mind at ease that they do, in fact, look as amazing as they feel. I got you! 

It's actually quite rare I'll use my camera for anything other than weddings thesedays. But on the occasion that I do, I love myself some landscape and portrait photography. Here's some more of my work... 

Rome 2019

Forest of Dean 2022

Rhodes 2022

Doorset 2019

Here's a few images of me with some of my incredible clients. It's nice to get in on the action at times but I won't be making a habit of it! 


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