Alexandra & Gary 

You guys... Where do I start!? From the absolutely SOLID banter leading up to the wedding I KNEW it was going to be an absolute breeze working with you both. From the moment I got there I felt like we'd known each other for years! Honestly from start to finish you guys were unreal. Listening to me and trusting everything I said, throwing suggestions at me, giving it your all with your poses and smiling from ear to ear through the entire day! 

The location was wonderful. The weather was perfect. The dress, the shoes, the flowers, the family, the friends, the smoke bombs, the beautiful doggo, EVERYTHING was just absolute perfection! Couldn't have asked for a more laid back, hilarious, willing, and amazing couple to work with! 

Thank you to both of you. From the bottom of my heart. You made my job SO enjoyable throughout the entire day and I cannot thank you enough. I hope you treasure these memories forever and a day. I wish you the absolute best and brightest future. 

Much love, your photographer and friend, Brett. 


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