Chelsea & Danny 

After a brief meeting with Chelsea & Danny I was over the moon when they got in touch to book me! You know when you just get a vibe from someone instantly? I KNEW we were going to have an amazing time. 

It was my first time shooting at the lovely Wroxeter Hotel, Shrewsbury so I arrived an hour early to be nosey and capture some establishing shots. Introduce myself to the staff and explore the grounds. Then it was time to check in with the Bride-to-be! Chelsea was one of the most relaxed Brides I'd ever met so we were all put at ease instantly! I fluttered between capturing images of the Bride, Groom, and guests as I hateeee the thought of having my camera in one persons face all morning. 

It had rained none-stop for 2 days prior to the wedding so we were a little worried but it was lovely all day... Apart from the exact moment we were due to do a confetti tunnel of course, but why wouldn't it eh?! Once the weather had cleared up we went outside to get the all important family and couple shots. Everyone was super nice and listened to my instructions which believe me, is a task in itself maintaining people's attention. 

The couple were super willing with their posing. Having a few sips of JD and wine between each location of course! I always want my couples to feel as relaxed as possible so having a drink at hand always helps calm any nerves. It felt as though I was going for a nice walk with my best mates! They trusted my abilities and went along with it all! Even though practicing a first dance twirl on some wet hay may not have been their favourite thing to do they absolutely nailed it and now have some stunning images to reflect it. 

Big shout-out to Queen of Weddings for capturing some amazing behind-the-scenes footage and Emma Lilley The Photographer for assisting me on this! 

Once again folks, thank you SO much for booking me! I loved absolutely ever single minute of your special day and I can only hope my images reflect just how wonderful it was. I hope you treasure these memories forever. 

Much love, your photographer and friend, Brett. 

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