Abbey & Ryan

Ah, this age-old problem again... Where do I start?! 

Stupid excited to shoot this wedding with this lovely pair. I was recommended by good friends of the couple and I could not be more grateful! 

During the messages before the wedding, researching the venue, and getting to know the couple I just KNEW they were going to have a wedding to remember! They got married at the truly unique Morrells Wood Farm in Shrewsbury which provided the perfect backdrop for their kick-ass wedding! 

We had banter, drinks, amazing food, perfect weather, wonderful friends and family, a doggo ring bearer, a live band, virtual clay pigeon shooting, a camper van photobooth, and 6 billion tonnes of confetti. 

From the bottom of my heart folks I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to capture your day. I felt like we'd been friends forever. You trusted in the process, posed like absolute troopers, and made me feel like I was a part of your day. I wish you both the most brightest of futures and like I told you on the day, "I will NEVER forget this wedding!" 

Much love, your photographer and friend, Brett. 


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