Leanne & Joe

I cannot possible begin to tell you what an absolute pleasure it was to shoot the wedding of Leanne & Joe. After several push backs and several years of planning, we finally did it! Afternoon images shot at the incredibly beautiful Haughton Hall, my first EVER visit there believe it or not! 

The day had absolutely everything you could possibly want from a wedding. Amazing weather, beautiful venues, an amazing couple, games, wonderful friends and family... It was just a dream to shoot!  

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your incredible day. Honestly I knew we'd get on well and you'd both be amazing but you absolute exceeded all of my expectations. It was so wonderful meeting you, working alongside you, and seeing the love you have for each other. I wish you the brightest future together and I know you'll treasure these memories forever. 

Much love, your photographer and friend, Brett. 


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